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    Shearer's Foods, Inc. Acquires Snack Alliance, Inc.


    BREWSTER, Ohio (March 31, 2010):  Shearer’s Foods, Inc., a leading producer and distributor of high quality branded, contract pack and private label seasoned snack foods, announced today that it has acquired Snack Alliance, Inc. and its Canadian affiliate (collectively, “Snack Alliance”), one of the fastest growing branded, contract pack and private label snack producers in North America.

    “The combination of Shearer’s and Snack Alliance will create a leading North American supplier of private label and contract pack salty snack products, complemented by the high-growth riceworks®  brand,” commented Robert J. Shearer, Chairman and CEO of Shearer’s. “The product manufacturing capabilities and geographic diversity of the combined companies will enable us to service our customers even more effectively.”     

    John Frostad, CEO of Snack Alliance, who will join the Shearer’s senior management team as Vice Chairman of Shearer’s and President–Canadian Operations, said, “I am very excited about this opportunity and the potential of the Shearer’s/Snack Alliance combination.  We have tremendous respect for the Shearer’s team and look forward to broadening the Shearer’s product innovation capabilities and providing increased distribution proximity for our combined customers.”

    Scott W. Smith, who will continue as President of Shearer’s, commented, “The Snack Alliance team, brands and products are very complimentary to ours, and their plant locations will allow us to serve our customers even more effectively.”

    The acquisition uniquely positions Shearer’s to service private label and contract manufacturing partners on a national level. Founded in 2000, Snack Alliance employs over 400 associates across the United States and Canada.  Snack Alliance has consistently been ranked as one of the most innovative snack food companies in North America.  Manufacturing operations, located in Hermiston, Oregon and Bristol, Virginia, produce potato chips, tortilla chips, extruded products, popcorn and their riceworks®  brand of snacks.  Whole grain, gluten free and lower in fat than most salty snacks, riceworks® is a patented product made with whole grain brown rice.

    Shearer’s is the largest producer of kettle cooked potato chips in the United States—the fastest growing category in the potato chip market.  Shearer’s current operations and jobs will remain in Brewster, Ohio, Massillon, Ohio, Navarre, Ohio, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania and Lubbock, Texas.  In the past few years, the company has been growing and expanding, and hiring continues in all locations.  Through the Snack Alliance acquisition, Shearer’s is spreading the company’s footprint and increasing capacity, which will lead to further opportunities for all associates and customers. Mr. Shearer, the former Chairman of the Board for the Snack Food Association, has played a leadership role in the industry for decades.  “Shearer’s growth and this acquisition would not be possible without our associates, who are dedicated to making Shearer Perfection in Every Bag® every day,” says Mr. Shearer.  “It is our goal to continue our drive to be a leading salty snack manufacturer in North America!”